Creative play with Florals

Creative play with Florals...coming soon.  Please click here

Coming Soon…Creative play with Florals.

I absolutely love it when people tell me what they want to paint!

Flowers are next on the list for tuition and I’m working on lots of fun ways to bring life and form to your floral watercolours.

Please do add your name to my mailing list (please click here) to ensure that you are kept up-to-date with full details of when the tuition module is ready to be released.

The tuition will be full of hints, tips, different techniques together with online videos and PDF files to download.

In the meantime, please join in and have a go at painting the first module, painting the labrador puppy in a wet-in-wet style!


Course Under development, playing with ideas:

Roses and Daffs

Developing composition.