Golden Retriever Puppy

Learning to paint labrador puppy

Learn to paint a retriever puppy using a wet-in-wet style in watercolour

Tuition: Painting in a wet-in-wet style

Suitable for beginners

Have you ever wondered how to create the effect of soft fur using watercolour or wish to loosen up your work using a wet-in-wet method of painting?  If so, this tuition module will be for you!

Painting loosely, wet-in-wet,  doesn’t have to be a fast and furious process working on large paper with big brushes.  Here we paint a small piece using a size 10, 4 and a rigger brush, and just 5 colours (Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Alizarin Crimson, Raw Sienna and Titamium White), taking time to carefully apply pigment whilst  retaining the fluffy appearance of the puppy.

By purchasing this tuition, you will have access to two online videos, downloadable PDF instructions and permanent access to an online gallery/blog to view work and see more hints and tips.  I also offer complete online support  and assistance for you whilst following the tuition and will be available to help and answer all questions.

Price:  £15.00

Tuition contents:

  1. Downloadable PDF files with instructions
  2. Access to online video – 5 minute painting a simple shape in two ways
  3. Access to online video – 30 minute demonstration of the painting with audio instructions
  4. Permanent access to online gallery/blog regularly updated with new hints and tips and frequently asked questions.

There is an option of just viewing the video of Alfie being painted without the PDF Files, extra tuition and online assistance.

Price: £5