Working Dogs

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Having recently spent time talking to people about the “Shooting Season”, I am totally fascinated by the role of the working dog.

Their joy is evident in the pleasure they show when they are working.  I have been offered a possible opportunity to see dogs being trained and I would absolutely love to see all types of breed in action!  Trying to capture the character within a painting is a totally fascinating process, from the exuberant and proud retrieval with this spaniel  (where I can almost feel the tail wagging!) to the elongated body and neck of a pointer catching a scent on the air.  Portraits of our canine friends almost take on a new dimension when you see them working in the role for which they are bred.

I have today been back to the King John Inn in Tollard Royal to hang my latest “Shoot  Paintings” and I’m loving the fact that my exhibition runs into the new year.  There is such a special and wonderful atmosphere in this pub.

Thank you to Nick Ridley for his kind permission to use his photograph of the spaniel here, who is called “Flick” and is proudly retrieving a duck!