Peanut Butter Sandwiches!


badger cubs

Badger cubs – original watercolour 56cm x  19cm

I’m afraid I don’t feel that I know enough about the subject to have a strong opinion on what is happening to the badgers in Somerset at the moment.  This doesn’t stop me from feeling sad though and I do appreciate that it is a very controversial issue here.  What I can say though, is that I do really love to paint them and the striking change in tonal contrast from black to white is a tricky one to paint in a soft manner.  I have tried before to see badgers, for real, in a garden where they were known to frequent – they sadly turned down my offer of peanut butter sandwiches and I have still yet to see one.  Maybe it will be even harder now?

This particular painting is going to be exhibited at the forthcoming 303 Gallery exhibition in Martock as part of their Christmas Exhibition.