A Splash with Watercolour


fly fishing 4 copySplishy, splashy, drippy, droppy……Watercolour is simply a wonderful medium for the subject of fly fishing.  By name, by nature, it is perfect for water, reflections, droplets, ripples.  The only think I can say though, is you have to be brave with the pigment, as the water on the paper will dilute the pigment, you have to use a concentrated amount on the tip of your brush – this is why I tend to use tubes of paint, rather than pans.

I have been experimenting with the fishing line using a dish of masking fluid and thread – a messy old process – not helped by the fact I knocked over a pint of water at the same time, I guess I was simply meant to get wet, along with my fisherman and friends!

Mystery Monday was this intriguing subject – painting the fish I have used an iridescent lilac made by Daniel Smith.  It is an opaque colour which shimmers in the light – truly lovely.