Studio Time


kayeThis post is to prove that I am painting commissions – promise!  The photo tells another story too….in the background is half a kitchen!  We are now well over half way through a change to the layout of our house and when the kitchen contents return to their rightful place, I will be spending time making my studio look more like it should!….how’s that for a potential New Year’s Resolution?  For many years now, my pasting table has travelled with me – it’s all I have needed, along with a small holdall with my watercolour equipment.  But now, it seems I probably do need a proper studio… is such a lovely place to paint, lots of natural light flooding through the skylights –  sometimes I put music on (volume and music to suit my frame of mind – it is far enough away from anyone else!) and other times, I can enjoy the piece and tranquility of simply being away from the busy hub of the house.

There are so many things that a studio should offer – I would love a board for ideas and sketches, easels with work-in-progress, a place for frames/prints and originals.  I always love New Year, it seems such a great time to take stock and make exciting plans……..