Around the Floods

Level FloodA trip from Somerton to Wells today, hmmm, some people would have raised their eyebrows and said “really”?  I couldn’t resist.  Despite reports of drastic flooding across the Somerset Levels, I thought I’d give it a go….after all, I could always turn back if necessary.  I did have a valid business reason for the trip and a hopeful destination in mind, so armed with my camera, mobile phone and appropriate vehicle for the floods, I set off!  The roads weren’t that bad and I don’t think that the flooding in the Glastonbury area was as bad as Long Load/Muchelney but in true Somerset style, the fields around the Tor were full of water providing the most breath-taking large reflections of the sky.

I will always love the Somerset levels for the big vistas and truly amazing light – I’m only sorry that, at times, the flooding causes worry to the people living in low-lying areas.  We do live in a country of extremes and despite the unpredictability, it certainly makes it an interesting place to live!

This landscape, painted in a loose and spontaneous way, is how I saw the levels today, full of light, contrast and water!