A sporting chance

Rackets 1

Having painted, over the last few months, a huge variety of subject matter, I wondered when I would be able to return to a favourite style of mine – action sports in watercolour.  Always loving to try and capture movement, speed, action and drama, I was thrilled to have been given some images of “Rackets” to put brush to paper.

Once you have considered composition to achieve maximum impact, watercolour is totally ideal for allowing a sense of movement – you can let the watercolour do the work for you!  Whilst this particular piece is really experimental, I am confident that I know which direction to go in order to complete the painting and I can’t wait to carry on.

I would love to visit Queen’s Club in London and I am hoping that this will be arranged shortly in the New Year.  I believe Rackets is an intensely fast and dynamic sport and, as ever, artistically there is absolutely no substitute for observing and really getting to know your subject.