Energy, movement and life.



Rackets is an indoor racket game played in an enclosed court where the walls and floor are generally made of smooth sone or concrete and are dark in colour to contrast with the white ball.   The game is fast and furious and something of a challenge to capture in watercolour!

With a dark background, the tone is ideal to contrast against the white kit of the sportsperson – movement can be created with large sweeps of the brush loaded with dark pigment.   Back to painting one of my favourite subjects and trying to capture energy, movement and life within a sports image, this piece left me wanting to paint more.  I hope soon to visit Queens Club in London and see first-hand the energy within this dynamic sport.  Thank you to Benji Snell, who is ranked No 8 in the world, for his enthusiasm when viewing my work and I can’t wait to work on this subject more!

With so many aspects to consider within the painting – composition, colour, light, it is then a delightful challenge to try and encompass movement and energy in the work.   I still do firmly believe that watercolour is such a magical medium to do this as it has energy of its own and with careful handling it can be used effectively to create the effect of movement within your painting!