Developing work and styles


Polo acrylic 2“Out of the Haze”

Acrylic on Board 30″ x 30″

Intense spells of experimenting with creativity can be exhausting!  I had a very definite objective in mind with this acrylic painting and it involved a feeling of the polo player appearing from a “shimmering haze”.  Maybe a sin, I’m not sure, but I was trying to keep within a colour scheme for a room and knowing that the colours “worked” in the decor gave me a certain sense of confidence that they would probably work in the painting.  Logic there somewhere!

Small bright highlights of lemon yellow and white give the impression of bright sunlight and contrasts and shadows help with this effect.  I can see some finishing touches that I need to make to this painting, but I was happy with the outcome.  A great process leading onto new ideas!

Never be afraid to embrace creativity!