Letting the seed grow


hound 2

Concentration whilst exploring creativity is exhausting!  When deep, very deep in thought, I pace around, cast things aside, stack up a line of cold cups of tea and generally stare a lot at half finished paintings! But in the midst of all this, there are few things more exciting than experiencing an idea develop.  Watercolour is such a “feeling” medium.  It almost begs you to play and have fun and taunts you with possibilities.  The relationship you have with your medium has to grow over time and with confidence, seeds of ideas can develop.

I read an interesting article yesterday about inspiration.  It basically said “don’t sit around waiting for it to happen. All the best ideas come out of the process, they come out of the work itself.”  Chuck Close.   The theory is, in a nutshell, you have to keep working.

My hound is very important as it has shown me how I can play with colour, tone and counterchange in such a way to almost make the subject come forward out of the paper.  It’s a very exciting process!

Thanks for sharing with me and I’ll post more soon!