The Cast


The CastWith the Mayfly season approaching and what is affectionately known as “Duffers Fortnight” when the Mayflies rise, I am keen to get amongst the action artistically speaking!

Watercolour seems quite the perfect medium to capture the sport of fly-fishing on paper and with a relatively small amount of intervention, the flowing washes can create the effect of rippling water under their own steam!

A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to display paintings at The Greyhound on the Test which resides on the famous River Test. As the season gets into gear, I am really enjoying studying the lines of the cast – with a relaxed hand and a rigger brush loaded with paint, you can cast your own line across the paper! I will have a new selection of paintings to deliver in a couple of weeks and, with fingers crossed for good weather, I hope to walk along the river to quietly observe and gather inspiration for more work.

And what better to finish at the pub for a drink and bite to eat, all in a days work.