Game On

queens compilation


It has been a massive honour to have painted so many talented sports people in my time exhibiting at the Queens Club.

It is exactly a year ago that I presented prizes of a commissioned painting to each of the winners in the schoolboys rackets tournament and I will be following progress to see the results this year.   The tournament is underway today.

Many of the players shown within this selection of paintings have been tournament winners this year and I offer my congratulations to each for their dedication to their sport which brings them to the top of their game.

I had a truly wonderful trip to London a couple of weeks ago.  Amongst other things, my visit to the Queens Club involved presenting one of my paintings to a player and his reaction is one of the reasons I keep painting, it’s very rewarding.

And last but not least, I must give huge credit to the wonderful photographer, Tim Edwards.  He provides me with the most amazing photos and inspiration to produce the paintings, thank you Tim.