Alpine inspiration


The transfer between Geneva and Les Deux Alps takes about 2.5 hours and takes you on roads that vary between fast autoroutes and hair-pin bends!  The last section of the journey involves some breathtaking scenery of small villages nestled between mountains and the road finally stops at the resort.

Les Deux Alpes is an “all year” ski resort as the glacier retains its snow even through the summer months and it is a lively, bustling town with an amazing atmosphere.

It is hard not to be moved by the stunning scenery, the mountains completely surround you and the light changes constantly throughout the day.



Curiosity got the better of me as the week went on.  A friend had mentioned that the village in the valley below “Venosc” is well worth a visit.  The ski pass allows you to take the cable car down and I went for an explore.  What a beautiful place.  The small village was nestled in the valley and built on the hill.  Narrow walkways between the stone houses gave occasional glimpses of the background mountains which seem absolutely huge rising from the bottom of the valley.  This medieval farming village is steeped in history.


The temperature is much hotter below than the higher town of Les Deux Alps and small courtyards and terraces provide sun-traps.  It’s impossible not to be tempted by all the traditional foods, cheeses and cured meats and the atmosphere is simply charming.  My exploration had fulfilled a personal dream to visit a small traditional French village and I only wish that I could have stayed longer to maybe enjoy a meal and a glass of wine,  but I was worried that the chair lift would close for the day –  it was a huge and steep walk back!!

I have lots of photos to paint from and the landscapes I have seen certainly would provide a challenging subject matter to explore.