The Crew


I can’t wait to go to the National Schools regatta next weekend.  I took this picture last year at the event at Eton Dornay and I just wanted to write here on my blog to explain my inspiration for this piece.

This pile of trainers might look simply like a bunch of trainers discarded at the water’s edge.  To me it was much, much more.

I see a team and this team works together in a way that is hard to describe.  The sense of elation of a win enlightens the hard work, commitment and sheer determination of these children as they are competing at the very highest level of their sport.  They have to work together and the spirit of camaraderie is truly evident in every aspect of the event.

I loved the way the trainers are interlocked, together, grouped and to me they represent “The Crew”.  I am looking to seek down and unite these trainers with their owners….let’s see how we get on with this cinderella moment!