My Cinderella


“Artist in Residence at the National Schools Regatta 2016 and 2017.

What an inspirational event!   In 2016, I painted four paintings from photographs as prizes for events.

In 2017 I was there to demonstrate what I can offer in the way of commissions, capturing a moment on paper, be it a portrait or painting of the boat and crew.

Whilst soaking up the atmosphere and wandering around taking photos at the event in 2016, I noticed a pile of trainers by the waterside. To me it was more than a pile of trainers – it represented a close team and I loved the colours and shapes. I thought it would make nice piece of art, so I painted it!

And just before the event in 2017 both myself and NSR tried to find the crew via social media posts hoping that we could track them down. But sadly, no luck. The visitors to my stand were intrigued by the story and we all eventually decided that it was probably easier to find a needle in a haystack than find the girls.

But then, I overheard a voice saying “they’re mine!”. Not only did I see a lovely girl standing in front of me smiling, she was wearing the same trainers that are in the painting. My day, no actually my weekend was made!



Four girls from King’s school came back to sign the painting and they knew who the other girls were, even though they weren’t at the event. So the painting is now with King’s School and I found my Cinderella’s.

So the weekend was a great success.  The weather was hot and windy.  After losing my gazebo to the wind, I was kindly advised that I would only make the mistake of not pinning it down in wind once!  The weather got even hotter, the wind even stronger and we all struggled to keep our displays in one piece.  But I did manage to do some live sketches and a quick watercolour.

Here are a couple of small videos to show you some of the scenes.