The Queens Club, Aegon Championship 2017


A few weeks ago, The Queens Club contacted me and asked whether I would be able to paint a very large tennis mural on the walls within the members enclosure for the Aegon Championship.

Time was an issue for me.  The only time that I had available to go to London and paint on the wall was the weekend directly before the event – perhaps even too risky for me!  So we agreed on an alternative that I create as many very large works on board as I could in the time within my studio and deliver them for installation.

I delivered these to Queens Club yesterday.  The atmosphere there is amazing.  Buzzing with activity in the build up to the start on Monday.  The paintings are going to be attached to the wall fairly high up for good visibility and then framed with navy blue architrave to match the colour theme of the event.  I am really excited to be returning to Queens on Thursday to see them on the wall and to watch the tennis.  I will be able to post more photos then.

There are some amazing players participating in the tournament, Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinkle, Marin Cilic, Milos Raonic, Gregor Dimitrov to name a few.












And here is the finished result.  I returned to the event as a guest and had a truly wonderful day – I saw Cilic and Lopez both win their matches.   Queens Club made an amazing job of framing the paintings, truly a day to remember!