Symbolising Strength

Gladioli painting art watercolour


Symbolising Strength

Occasionally I am asked for donations of my art for charitable causes.   Families I know directly and also other people from further afield are currently in situations where it’s seems that one day you can be without a care in world and the next day your world can crumble around you.  Countless times you may hear the message “live for the day” or other phrases to that effect but I wonder how much we truly and totally appreciate what we have until something happens to change things.

For the people who have needed financial assistance to help with their current situation, I have chosen to paint Gladioli which are flowers that symbolise strength.  My flowers are for the people fighting with strength and courage and I hope any money raised can add to the total amount raised that is much needed.

My purple gladioli on the left of the above image are heading off to help raise money for an Addison’s Detection Dog for Jonathan Sheldon.