The difference a week makes


This time last week we were 15cm deep in snow and just seven days later we have lovely warm spring sunshine and the snow has completely disappeared.  I wonder how these delicate birds cope with our extremes.

So this little blue tit is the latest addition to my website under the small paintings section.  The happy accident watermarks were perfect for the fluffy feathers.  The directional brush strokes reinforcing the angle of the tail hopefully catches the fleeting moment where the bird lightly lands on the feeder.

My favourite bird is the blackbird and we have them in the garden usually hopping about on the ground looking for earthworms but more recently we have had blue tits and goldfinches visiting.  I am always really excited to see them and would love to encourage more to the garden.

Leading a busy life, I don’t have much time at the moment to spend on the garden but the birds seem to appreciate this, well Mr Blackbird does anyway 🙂

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