Midnight Whisper


Barn Owl Workshop


This is a quote that I shared with my students on the beginning of the barn owl workshop – a quote that I loved when I first saw it and one that I have thought of often since.  With this in mind, we went on to discuss a list of features that might just  “be the whiskey” and capture the essence of the barn owl in a special and individual way – food for thought before picking up the paintbrush.

And after two complete demonstrations, time only allowed me to complete the first wash of the third demonstration, a barn owl in flight.



I have finished the painting and here it is:

A quick recap for my students of the points we thought about before we picked up the brush, many of which I hope I have captured in the final piece.

  1. Pastel colours
  2. Texture feathers
  3. Silent killer
  4. Softness
  5. Dark eye
  6. Eye Socket to beak
  7. Pale background v dark
  8. Composition
  9. Light on feathers
  10. Shape of face

Although my workshops are fully booked for the rest of the year, I will be releasing new dates in a few months for the beginning of 2020.