Bumble bees – online tuition

Tuition contents:

Permanent access to three online videos:
Part 1 – 30mins
Part 2 – 15 mins
Part 3 – 30 mins
Downloadable PDF file with hints and tips

What you will learn:

This delicate wet-in-wet painting requires time and patience as we work continuously on the painting as it is drying.   You will be rewarded with a beautiful softness to the bee having allowed watercolour to work magic in one of its many ways!

Learning points:

  • Using an old toothbrush to splatter masking fluid to achieve the effect of pollen.
  • Mixing your own black wash and get the timing right to add it to wet paper.
  • Achieving the translucent effect of insect wings
  • Building up tone in a wet-in-wet wash


Palette:  Ultramarine Blue, Lemon Yellow,  Raw Sienna,  Pthalo Blue,  Titanium White. (I use Daler Rowney Artist Quality)
Brushes:  18, 10, 4 (all brushes are round), rigger
Paper:  Saunders Waterford NOT, 300gsm

Masking Fluid and old toothbrush

For the bee painting with the purple background, the extra materials are a water spray and Daler Rowney Permanent Mauve. If you don’t have this paint, you could try Alizarin Crimson instead.