Robins – online tuition


Follow my online tuition and paint a fabulous robin.  Supporting All Artists will judge the paintings and the winning artist will receive the amazing prize of a standard membership for a year.  This includes a bi-monthly newsletter, access video on demand, exclusive offers and free postage on orders.  I love my membership with them and the society is for anyone with a passion for painting and drawing.

To enter – purchase the tuition below and email me your robin painting by 20th January 2021.  Simple!

So, would you love to have a go at painting these cheeky fellows?:

Tuition contents:

  • Permanent access to 3 videos:
  • Ongoing help by email should you have any questions and/or critique on work
  • Free monthly email with watercolour hints and tips

Link and passwords emailed after payment received.

What you will learn:

Video 1:  Warming up – a 20 minute video to demonstrate painting three robins using three colours.  The aim is to simplify and avoid fiddling!

Video 2:  Adding a background – a 20 minute video to show how to add a background to your robin painting after you have painted your subject.

Video 3:  Letting go with colour  – this 17 minute video demonstrates how to think outside the box with colours paint in one go from wet to dry.

Please don’t worry if you don’t have all these colours exactly.  For example, there are definitely other oranges and reds that would work just as well, if not better than the ones I have demonstrated.   Have an experiment with the paints you have in your palette.

Here is the palette I have used:  (Artists Quality)

1.  Burnt Sienna (Daler Rowney)
2.  Ultramarine Blue (Daler Rowney)
3.  Cadmium Orange (Daler Rowney)
4.  Ceruleum (Daler Rowney)
5.  Burnt Umber (Daler Rowney)
6.  Alizarin Crimson (Daler Rowney)
7.  Rose of Ultramarine (Daniel Smith)
8.  Titanium White (Daler Rowney)
9.  Cadmium Red (Daler Rowney)
10. Raw Sienna (Daler Rowney)

Other Materials

Watercolour paper – Saunders Waterford 300gsm NOT High white
Brushes round 6, 2 and rigger
Kitchen towel


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